Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, watch this one!

In desperate, desperate need of some cash-ola? Try robbing your parent’s long time jewerly store. They did. And it turned out worse than either one of them could ever imagine. So bad, that it turned the two brothers into somewhat of the devil himself.before-the-devil-knows

Andy and Hank Hansen were both in extrmely hard times financially when they decided to do something about it…something that wouldn’t hurt anyone. Andy, played by none other than Phillip Seymour Hoffman, runs the idea by his debt-ingulfed brother Hank, played by Ethan Hawke, after telling him that there’s no way out of the scheme once he’s let in on it. They thought their parents would be covered by insurance and it wouldn’t hurt the store of either of them and after all they both know the store inside and out. Hank is supposed to do the job on his own, but can’t, so he asks his friend that’s in tough times as well. He covers the rules with his friend telling him that no guns should be involved, except as a scare tactic. But the friend breaks the rules and let’s just say that the shit hits the fan from there on out. And we’re not talking about a mini-fan that sits on the ceiling in a kids room, rather a huge industrial gymnasium fan.

Starting the movie off with a pretty pornographic sex scene, I was unsure about where it would go from there, but I wasn’t left disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not an “adult rated film.” But anyways, there’s just a couple of those moments. The other part of the movie that was tastefully done was the awesome flashbacks and intense moments where you don’t know what the hell is going to happen. This movie isn’t one that I would consider a feel-good movie, rather a semi-depressing, drama packed, crime-filled event where no one is left unaffected. I give it three thumbs up, undoubtedly. Great movie, for a night that you don’t want to watch a comedy or love story, but simply a great movie with much intensity.


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  1. This is a great movie.

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